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Website Monthly Maintenance


  • Security Monitoring (and cleanup if needed)
  • Uptime Monitoring (and restore if needed)
  • Performance Audit & Optimization
  • Backup-and-Restores
  • Software Updates
  • Cleanup (Plugins, Themes, Images, Databases)
  • Audit (Coding, Responsiveness, Accessibility, Broken Links, Forms, Checkout, Search, Buttons, Etc)
  • Basic text edits
  • Reporting & Analytics


*Additional/Custom Domain Names available for additional fee(s).



Benefits of allowing us to handle your monthly maintenance responsibilities:
  • Security monitoring alerts won’t disrupt your workflow.
  • Threats will be detected and dealt with automatically.
  • Page speeds will remain fast no matter how long it’s been since you last logged in.
  • The second your site goes down, we will be on top of it to restore service.
  • The design and functionality of the site won’t go stale.
  • Every effort to maintain your site will build a stronger case with Google for higher rankings.
  • Your WordPress sites will be future-proof.